Glidair Project

Update 16 February 2007: More little tools

Brad's just been plugging away at the little tools required for the aft fuselage parts of the Glidair.

Here he's finished making half of the seat back bulkhead mold, and is waiting for the tooling coat to B-stage so he can start laying up the second half. When the flange draft is fairly shallow, making the bulkhead molds in two parts makes it a lot easier to get the parts out. The little thing to the right is the mold for the elevator bellcrank boss.

The finished baggage compartment closeout bulkhead and vertical fin spar molds.

Here Brad has made the first set of vertical fin ribs, and is developing alignment tooling to hold them in place in the right-side shell.

Here's the first article vertical fin spar laid up and bagged down.

The seat back bulkhead mold, with the second half laid up and curing.

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