Glidair Project

Update 4 June 2006: Cutting and plugging

Lately Brad has been working on the cockpit and canopy area of the Glidair fuselage plug, preparing to make fuselage molds that embody the canopy rail details.

The canopy area mold, placed on the fuselage plug.

The fuselage plug, with the canopy area cut away.

The canopy mold, containing the cut away portion of the fuselage plug. The cut away portion will be discarded, and Brad will make a new male canopy plug from the mold.

Bonding stiffeners into the fuselage plug in the area of the canopy rail.

The fuselage with canopy rail details bonded in.

The seat mockup in the fuselage plug.

Brad's friend conducts a sit-in test. The shoulders look tighter than they'll be in the actual fuselage because of the extra width of the molding rails.

Sprayed with a gloss coat, but not yet sanded smooth.

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