HP-24 Project

Update 10 October 2003: Fillet of fin sanding

I've spent about 15 hours this week filling and contouring the filllet between the fin and the aft fuselage. It's one of those things that looks so easy and simple, but takes so much time to make it come out right. Well, it's almost there. One more day should finish of the fillet contour, and then another couple days filling other odd blemishes in the fin and aft fuselage, and it should be ready for a couple coats of UV Smooth Prime.

Using the CDs as fillet squeegees ended up working out pretty well. The contour sanders made of sectors of 4" ABS (OD 4-1/2") didn't work out well, though. I was always undercutting the contour using them. I ended up doing most of the sanding freehand using loose sandpaper.

This weekend it's back to work on the wing table, getting the particle board from the lumber store and getting it installed.

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