HP-24 Project

Update 12 June 2002:

Last night I was up at the shop checking on the spar plug. The previous coat of varnish is a bit marbled on the fiberboard table top, and the grain is still showing strongly on the web areas. I lightly sanded an area on the table top and brushed on a test patch of a different brand of varnish.

I don't know if it was the different varnish or if I had finally gotten enough coats on, but the newly brushed area quickly faired out to a mirror-like finish. Tonight I'm going back up to the shop to check on it. If it has dried as nice as it looked when I first brushed it on, I'll give the whole thing a sanding or scuffing with Scotch Brite, and brush on a coat of that new stuff over the whole thing.

In other news, my composites molding guy is out of town this weekend, so it looks like I'll be delivering it the weekend of 21 June. But that's still open to change.

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