HP-24 Project

Update 13 June 2002:

Last night I went up to the shop to put another coat of varnish on the spar plug. On the way there, I stopped at home and measured the HP-18 trailer with which I intend to transport the plug. The inside length of the trailer is a couple inches under 26 feet. The spar plug measured 26' plus 1/4".

The picture below shows the results of my impromptu spar plug modification program. I knew all along that the table was a bit longer than necessary, but it didn't occur to me that it would come to this. I'm just glad more drastic modifications weren't necessary.

The photo below shows that I've about 3/4 inch to spare inside the trailer.

The butt end of the short C-section, with the third coat of varnish still wet.

The butt end of the long C-section, with the third coat of varnish starting to tack up.

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