HP-24 Project

Update 17 November 2003: Heater installed and running.

This weekend I finished off the shop heater installation and got it running. It didn't exactly fire up on the first try - I had to purge about a cubic foot of air out of the gas line before it had propane. But then it did fire right up, and answered the thermostat perfectly. So now I've got heat at the shop.

After installing the heater and getting it running, I had about an hour and a half left over. I spent that cleaning off the wing table and starting to organize the layup materials. I managed to cut out five layup plies for the inboard wing plugs (out of 20 required). Next weekend, I will cut out the rest of the plies, make a pair of vacuum bags, and maybe, just maybe, do the first layups on the wing plugs.

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