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Update 18 March 2003: I propose a modest Tost

This weekend was pretty much a couple of family days, with some HP-24 design work in the evenings.

One of the things I did get done was to design and draw up provisions for the optional mounting of a Tost nose tow hitch. You can see a preliminary guidance sketch for the installation here. The #1 bulkhead for the Tost hitch (the green parts in the sketch) will be an option that builders can either order installed, or perhaps install themselves. I'll be building the prototype with the Tost hitch, since I think that it looks more "standard" and thus less threatening to some folks. Of course, those who so opt can stick with the standard 24-455 hook.

I'm also trying to get a Russia tow hitch from Bill Ard to evaluate for the HP-24. I haven't seen one yet, but I suspect that it might be a viable alternative to the Tost hitch. I'm also thinking idly of developing a knock-off of the Tost that uses standard American 1/4" chain links instead of the somewhat scarce and pricy Tost rings. But I've probably got way too many fish to fry to bring that to fruition any time soon.

I've also started designing the forward fuselage weldments, starting from the front and working towards the rear. Those include the rudder pedal cluster, the canopy pivot (and emergency release) mechanism, and the control stick. The canopy pivot is a bit of a toughie, since it must be integrated structually with the #2 bulkhead in such a way as to be field-installable yet very stiff and strong.

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