HP-24 Project

Update 19 May 2005: [Wing] Plugging along, part x+2 of many

Brad just keeps on ripping through the work of finishing the wing plugs for molding.

Here's the latest photos:

The raw fiberglass surface of the right wing plug, looking outboard over the trailing edge. Note the shiny band at about 75% chord. That's where there's a joint between sections of the styrofoam cores. I knew it would cause a tiny whoopsie in the surface, and here it is - but not anything a little sanding and fill won't put right. At the time, the flyingfoam.com hotwire machine had a maximum chord envelope of 30", so my 35" root chord wouldn't go through in one piece. I think that Bob at Flying Foam has since extended his machine to handle greater chords.

Starting to look like real glider wings, but they're not and never will be. They're the shape of things to come!

Two views of the tip, liberally smeared with Poly-Lux 670 primer/filler. For starters, it turned out most effective to just brush the stuff on unthinned.

Two views of the wing root, starting to clean up nice. In the background of the second photo is the fuselage plug for Brad's Glidair project, which will probably use the HP-24 wings.

The next five photos show that things are starting to clean up real nice after the initial hits of spray-bondo. Note the pencil marked areas for later pinhole-filling and other attention.

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