HP-24 Project

Update 20 May 2005: [Wing] Plugging along, part x+3 of many

Brad is still charging through the work of finishing the wing plugs for molding.

Here's the latest photos:

Note the nice blend that Brad's done with this wingtip - just seamless. Some folks have asked why we even bother with these default wingtips; why we're not just chopping it off flat for the winglet mounts. The answer is money: In order to charge for winglets, I have to make them optional. And in order for the winglets to be optional, I have to have a default to which the option applies. I can't just chop the wing off flat at sta 288 and make folks pay for anything beyond that; that wouldn't be nice. Anyhow, rest assured that this default tip is about as effective as anything you could possibly do with 7.2 inches of wing. Besides a winglet, that is...

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