HP-24 Project

Update 20 June 2003: Still Sanding

The stabilizer tips are all blended, and now I'm just filling and sanding the stabilizer plug surfaces to get all the dimples and pinholes out. The bottom surface is almost there, and the top surface will probably take two or three more coats of Poly Fiber UV Smooth Prime.

I've found that when the surface is rough, you can get a lot done by squeegeeing on full strength UVSP. That fills up the valleys without wasting any on the hills where you'd just sand it right off again. And when the surface is smoother, I've found that UVSP rolls on well when it's thinned about 10% or 15% with water. When you do that, it takes a lot longer to dry. However, it also causes it to lay down flatter and have less surface texture. And that means less ripply surface texture that you'd just sand right off anyway.

My 6" pneumatic wheels and tires have arrived, and I'm going to see how hard it'll be to adapt them to work as tailwheels.

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