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Update 28 October 2003: Powered Down

Well, last weekend was a pretty complete bust.

On Saturday, the town of Arnold was without electricity from about 11 am until sometime in the evening. I was at the hardware store, waiting in line at the cash register when the power went off. Since I was going to use my credit card, I gave up and went back to the shop. Of course, there wasn't any power there either.

The biggest thing I got done was to assemble all the parts of the shucks using 3M spray glue. That meant gluing together the various pieces of styrofoam that I'll be using as layup beds for fiberglassing the plugs. I also managed to do some error-checking on the plug cores, and also cut the mylar layup surfaces. But when the power didn't come back on by about 3:30, I called it a day and went home.

Sunday, I woke up sort of woozy, and by the end of breakfast I was headed downhill fast into a bout of the flu that lasted through Monday afternoon. I spent most of those two days in bed.

So, that's pretty much it for the race with winter. Winter won. The wing plug layups aren't going to happen until after I get a unit heater installed at the shop.

This week I've been calling around to get things started on the heater project. I've got the local propane company, Ebbett's Pass Gas (really!) working on bringing in a propane tank, and I'll be ordering the heater unit in a day or so. I've pretty much settled on the Modine Hot Dawg HD-75 unit. Fortunately, the building is already plumbed for gas service, so the installation should be pretty painless.

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