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Update 30 August 2004: Not on the half-shell

On Friday last week I had a quick chat with Harald at Tehachapi. It turns out that I won't have fuselage molds ready to show off at SHA after all. He could have had one mold half done, with the fuselage plug embedded in it. However, I think it will be more effective to show the fuselage plug free-standing, and so I halted the molding until after the workshop.

I've been scheming about what the next avenue of advancement on this program will be, and I think that I will make the shell molds for the horizontal stabilizer myself. That way I can get more experience with composites secondary tooling on a relatively small part.

After that, I don't know, except that it will involve wing tooling. We'll be needing wings one way or another.

Here are the latest photos:

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