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Update 3 January 2008: Composite Sailplane Development Seminars, Spring 2008

This summer I'd like to host a couple or three seminars on composite sailplane development. Each seminar would consist of two days of sessions, with two or three sessions each day. The seminars would explore low-tech approaches to high-tech composite development. These sessions would be centered around the real-world lessons, trials, and tribulations of the HP-24 and related projects.

The first seminar would be hosted at my Arnold, California shop, and would feature me and aeronautic engineer Steve Smith. Each seminar would cost $200 for both days or $125 per day for last-minute registrants or one-day attendees. Each registrant would receive a CD containing seminar presentations and related hi-res photos from the HP-24 project. Lunch and refreshments would be provided.

Lodging, recreation, and accommodations are available separately in the beautiful Sierra foothill towns of Arnold and Murphys.

What are your thoughts on these seminars? Are you interested enough to attend or consider attending? Are there other topics you'd want to see covered? Please let me know.

The three seminars I want to do this summer are:

Seminar I: Sailplane Design and Development (Tentatively scheduled for [Note New Dates] 12 and 13 April 2008) Cancelled

This seminar would cover a variety of chalk-talks (well, PowerPoint) and include examples of various materials and tools. If enough people want, we can reshuffle this one to include some hands-on composites as well. For example, we could substitute a session on vacuum bagged composites for one of these (except Steve's of course).

Seminar II: Composite Tooling (May 2008)

This seminar focuses on what you do with the designs and primary tools addressed in Seminar I. It would feature, for the adventurous, hands-on experience with various techniques and materials:

Seminar III: Composite Fabrication (June 2008)

This seminar focuses on home-workshop fabrication techniques for light composite structures:

Again, please let me know what your thoughts are on these seminars, and let me know if you are interested enough to attend or consider attending.

Homebuilt aviation is not for folks who don't try things at home.

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