HP-24 Project

Update 6 May 2002:

Not much progress to report, and no pictures.

Last weekend, I was up at Air Sailing, working on the new clubhouse. I was on a crew that was installing siding on the building exterior. I did layout and cutting, and two or three others positioned and attached the siding. I also did a bunch of the usual gophery, and on Sunday had the task of driving into town to get a few hundred pounds of lumber. That project is going very, very well, and is a testament to what a few dedicated professionals and well-managed volunteers can accomplish.

The weekend before that, I was at the HP shop, working on the plugs for the new HP-24 wing spar design. I'm using relatively massive steel channels as guides for making the plugs. Using those steel channels has made it no problem to hold the spar depth to a tolerance of about +/- .005" at all stations. I hope to have pictures at the next update.

The weekend before that, I sent off a care package full of ball bearing units to Gregg MacPherson in New Zealand. He'll use them on the SG-1 sailplane, a really neat looking little ship. I also tossed in a couple of shock strut pistons, just in case they want to think about building oleo strut landing gear. I figure it couldn't hurt.

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