HP-24 Project

Update 7 March 2002:

Here are some more renderings of Brad Hill's 3D model of the HP-24. And there are more on the way, besides!

The picture below is the very latest rendering, complete with tail and some trim markings.

A long shot, showing the span to good advantage.

Closer in.

An intersting though not particularly flattering view from the rear. This is the vantage where that big-bellied, flat-bottomed forward fuselage has the biggest impact on the aesthetics. Unlike boat designers, I have no waterline below which to conceal perspectives like these. This rendering also shows up a couple of tiny kinks in the profile and waterline views. So, now I can be prepared to smooth them out in the plugs that we're making. Great tool!

A view with the canopy pivoted up around the forward lip. The actual pivot point will be a bit further forward, but that's really splitting hairs. I just sent Brad some detail drawings of the canopy seating surface, and the next model will probably show them.

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