Supplemental Drawings

This page contains links to assorted drawings I've done for HP-series parts. These parts are typically things that would be included in the kit, but are not covered in the plans with detail sufficient for local manufacture. All of these drawings were done in response to specific requests from HP owners who needed information for repairs or modifications. We have many of these parts already in stock. In most cases, HP Aircraft has the original factory tooling for these parts, and can manufacture them on request for spares or replacement parts.

All drawings are in Adobe Acrobat Format

18-576 Landing Gear Yoke Assembly

18-578 Landing Gear Upper Frame Components

18-578 Landing Gear Upper Frame Assembly

18-583 Landing Gear Retraction Crank

18-580 Landing Gear Axle Retaining Rod

18-584 Landing Gear Bearing Spacer

18-585 Landing Gear Spring Bellcrank

18-587 Landing Gear Axle

18-587-1 Landing Gear Axle Retaining Plug

18-441 Ruddervator mixer driven link

18-441-1 Ruddervator mixer pitch drive link

18-441-2 Ruddervator mixer yaw drive link

18-441-3 Ruddervator mixer pitch input upper arm

18-441-4 Ruddervator mixer pitch input lower arm

18-441-5 Ruddervator mixer attachment bracket

18-455-3 Tow release hook

15-143 In-wing aileron bellcrank

15-147 Aileron pushrod

15-183 Aileron P-P tube connection boss

15-184 Aileron P-P tube splice plug

HP-18 Aileron P-P tube ass'y detail

11-302 Stabilizer main spar outline and bend line template

11-302 Stabilizer main spar bending diagrams

11-312 Stabilizer forward spar outline and bend line template

HP-11 Aileron drive bellcrank (on aft wing carrythrough)

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